AMAZE – OK Go_I Won’t Let You Down

Watching this music video from Band OK GO directed by Morihiro Harano just makes you want to scream all the way to the end.  From the one take shot to the number of people involved to the choreography and timing, and heck lets make it a little more difficult, lets shoot it all within that golden hour window.  This is the best one so far boys =) Here is a breakdown of how it was done because we all want to know right!


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BIRDYCAM_Test Footage

Some quick test footage using the new BIRDYCAM 3-Axis Gimbal. Read more


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AMAZE – Watchtower of Turkey

Leonardo Dalessandri beautifully captures his journey through Turkey in this amazingly complex and visually stunning montage.  Perfection!


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Paris StreetStyle Painter-1

Bruce Tee YO!

An old unreleased experimental shoot from way back re-edited. Read more


Paris StreetStyle White Knit-1